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 American Dreams: JJ & Beth Mason Pryor  Cheers: Diane Chambers & Sam Malone  Frasier: Frasier & Niles Crane  Frasier: Niles Crane & Daphne Moon  Full House: Jesse Katsopolis & Michelle Tanner  Full House: Steve Hale & D.J. Tanner  Golden Girls: Blanche Deveraux, Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak, and Sophia Petrillo  I Dream of Jeannie: Tony Nelson & Jeannie  I Love Lucy: Lucy Ricardo & Ethel Mertz  I Love Lucy: Ricky & Lucy Ricardo  I Love Lucy: Ricky & Lucy Ricardo, Fred & Ethel Mertz  The Andy Griffith Show: Andy & Opie Taylor  The Andy Griffith Show: Andy Taylor & Barney Fife  The Dick Van Dyke Show: Rob & Laura Petrie

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